By making personalized service a central tenant of our software development practice, and employing continuous learning in an ever-changing landscape of software technologies, we ensure optimal delivery of business requirements per the latest technologies to meet the goals and demands of our partners and their customers.


Soft Buzz was born out of more than 10 years of experience in software development and delivery at businesses such as Groupon, Sears, Jameson Real Estate, Leapfrog Online, and The Pampered Chef.

Some of the key challenges that Soft Buzz is specialized in addressing are:

  • Resilient software
  • Team Culture
  • Technology continuous learning
  • Effective communication


  • Soft Buzz takes a holistic approach at treating everyone as an equal and appreciating the role everyone plays in delivering products and services.
  • Soft Buzz requires a very transparent and open verbal approach to communication to ensure there are no implicit misunderstandings that would sabotage team efforts. This sometimes includes implicit or explicit training of employees in more open styles of communication to help ensure team work success.
  • Soft Buzz favors delivering high quality resilient software that is maintainable and can bend with changes easily over the long term. Currently preferred practices to help with that are pair programming, test driven development, iterative planning, and continuous integration
  • Soft Buzz believes that any software development process must have daily hooks for continuous learning to achieve long term success. This proactively ensures a balance of important long term improvements with urgent short term results in the ever-changing technology world.
  • Soft Buzz respects everyone's right to express themselves as openly as possible assuming their intentions are in positive alignment with the company and client business mission.
  • Soft Buzz believes that addressing cultural challenges comes before technical challenges in ensuring a company's long term success, and thus has a unique approach in ensuring everyone is committed to a common mission while tackling technical challenges.


Andy Maleh, president of Soft Buzz, is a big visionary and believer in reaching out for the best no matter where you are, employing the best ideas of academia in a pragmatic business world. He has presented at many software conferences, such as RailsConf 2014, RailsConf 2012, MountainWest RubyConf 2011, Agile Comes To You 2010 Keynote Speech, GLSec 2009, RubyConf 2008, Agile 2008, EclipseWorld, and EclipseCon. Andy is a Cum Laude Master Software Engineer from DePaul University, Chicago, and a Computer Science graduate from McGill University, Montreal.


Ruby on Rails, Agile Software Development, Small Business Idea Realization, Team and Company Culture Improvements, Business Partnership, and Mentorship/Apprenticeship.

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