Problem-Solving Get-Together

  • An initial meeting to figure out how we may help you.
  • You present your problem in as casual of a fashion as possible.
  • We will do our best to listen, ask questions, and present solutions, starting with ones that are as cheap as one day of work and ending with ones spanning weeks or months in an incremental approach (think lego pieces).

First Two Weeks Are Free

  • The first two weeks of development, which include initial setup of the site and building the first prototype is done absolutely for free, including the rights to the codebase and hosted website environment.
  • We are selective of our customers, yet at the same time, so confident you will like our software craftsmanship, you will be hooked after the first two weeks. But, if we are wrong, you can always back out for free.

Lego Style Development™

  • After the first two weeks, we progress to a more stable weekly cycle of software development, done using the best technologies and methods out there.
  • Think of it like building lego by adding lego pieces one by one always having a product no matter what stage it is at.
  • We start by building the core of the web application and then add fully-usable features piece by piece every week, always ensuring a fully-usable product is out there for testing and verification by you.
  • Built in a slow incremental fashion, we ensure we never build too much before it is needed, thus saving you money in the short term and focusing the product on your highest immediate needs.
  • Still, we ensure the quality of every piece built with automated tests and best practices. No short-term sacrifices or code-debt at Soft Buzz as we realize that long-term success is dependent on having every-day quality work in the short-term in the world of software development.


  • Software products are a beast of their own, and it often takes many players to bring their ideas to fruition and maintain market leadership. A client may become a partner to get added commitment to their mission by offering shares in their company after

To get help about a problem you would like a web solution for, please contact me via Twitter ( @AndyMaleh ) or by calling the phone number at the bottom.